Alomotawasit Shipping Agencies Company is a company specialized in shipment of all types (maritime shipping – air shipping – shipping agencies – customs clearance).

Alomotawasit Shipping Agencies Company has established in year 2013. Since its starting, it was distinguished by the best shipping services for customers regarding the quickness, accuracy and safety in shipment. We have shipping works from all the world seaports to the Libyan ports and vice-versa. Our company has also shipping representation offices in each of Turkey and China.

Our company provides several facilities and additional services to customers, among which are the customs clearance and transport from/to the port with high sufficiency and competitive prices.

We have a team of specialists able to deal with all types of shipments.

Our commitment is based on the service of our clients on basis of our experience and success in collaboration with the direct shipping liners in all over the world.

Alomotawasit Shipping Agencies Company is looking forward to close and fruitful cooperation  with all importing and exporting companies, Libyan and foreigners. We are very sure that such a cooperation will work in expanding the opportunities and successes to all parties.

Therefore, please do not hesitate in inquiring more about the company activities and services, on the following contact details.



Salem Mohamed Abushaala

Chairman of the Board of Directors

00218912123070 / salem@almotawasit.com.ly


Hana Najmi Benhassan

Manager of Marketing

00218912212228/ marketing@almotawasit.com.ly


Youssef Khaled

Manager of the Public Relations and Operations

0021891222211/ relations@almotawasit.com.ly