Customs duties

They are duties usually applied on the goods imported to the country or exported therefrom. These duties may value duties estimated by a percentage from the value of goods, or they may be a fixed amount imposed on the goods for whatever value, these are called quality duties. Unlike the tariffs, customs duties are used as a basis to collect the state revenues and a tool to protect local producers from foreign competitiveness.

Certificate of origin

It is a certificate issued by the chamber of commerce in the country of export, specifying the place of manufacturing or producing the goods to be exported. The certificate of origin is deemed a necessary document to be acquainted with the nationality of goods in order to estimate the rates of fees to be collected from it or the preference treatments to be granted to them. This certificate is used to control the infiltration of commodities boycotted economically or prohibited.

Export quotas

It is the codifying of the quantities of goods allowed for export. The government makes use of this procedure whether to reinforce the control of prices to avoid their rise, or to control the commodities for defense purposes.

Shipping Terms